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    City TV Edmonton

    DT Episode with Jason Strudwick & Jennifer Lee

    This video is an interview at City TV Edmonton on May 12, 2016. The Episode with Jennifer Lee, Coordinator for E Power Concerts School Tour and Jason Strudwick, host of Breakfast television discuss the mission and movement of Enlightening and Empowering youth. She shares about the epidemic of Bullying in today's schools and online. Along with the InsideOUT program facilitators these young adults are airing their personal stories and  performing music that is reaching out to all ages to bring a powerful message to stop bullying across Canadian schools.

    The Valley Voice 

    "Anti-Bully Show" Interactive concert focuses on teens starts BC tour in Chilliwack - Tracy Lamourie, LPR

    Mackenzie Dayle, one of the performers, says "I was bullied in school because of my music, and it took me a long time to feel confident pursuing my dreams. I finally realized that by being myself and not worrying about what others say, that I became unstoppable. I love that I now get to do my part in empowering youth to follow their passions, despite the bullies."...on May 6, 2016

    E Power Concerts School Tour Coordinator, talks about

    Cyber Bullying Experience and being driven to help others!

    Paul Woida latest Music Video at WEM (West Edmonton Mall Pirate Ship) - So Proud!

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