E Power Concert School Tour 2018


    WINNERS ANNOUNCED December 20th, 2018

    E Power T-Shirt Design Contest


    Designer T-Shirt Contest for all ages 4 Categories to Enter:

    1. Boys Shirts -WIN YOUR OWN FREE T-SHIRT plus PRIZE PKG.
    2. Girls Shirts -WIN YOUR OWN FREE T-SHIRT plus PRIZE PKG.
    3. Men Shirts -WIN YOUR OWN FREE T-SHIRT plus PRIZE PKG.
    4. Woman Shirts -WIN YOUR OWN FREE T-SHIRT plus PRIZE PKG.


    FALL E Power Concert School Tour 2018

    Fundraising for 3000 t-shirts that will be printed for the

    Donate on gofundme wish list for t-shirt for kids - CLICK

    E-ffects & E-motions Logos 

    Cut & Paste & Colour & Draw & Doodle - BE CREATIVE!

    You can print off our empty t-shirt and also our Logos. Then you design the t-shirt style, any colour you like, and any way you like. You can cut out logos or things from magazines, collage style, or draw and doodle the design on to shirt by hand. Be creative, be unique, and you have the total freedom. NO RULES, NO LIMITS.


    All WINNERS will be announced on our website, social media and receive a FREE T-Shirt with their winning design on it.


    All entries will still get recognized on a social media shoutout!

    E Power Saying Contest! 

    What Your Story? Or Your Saying? - BE CREATIVE!

    3 Steps to WIN by "Sending Us A Saying"

    You'll WIN A T-SHIRT, DOODLE & COLOURING BOOK plus PRIZE PKG. Your saying could be used on all our t-shirts or in the Doodle & Colouring Books. The winners sayings will be shared with students across Canada.

    1. What message would you want to share? 
    2. What can you do or say to Empower? 
    3. Be unique, be fun, be bold, & be empowering! 

    All entries can be submitted on our social media too. "Facebook Contest", please ask your parents permission before you post on our social media. Or submit. Or share via our website.

    Enter our "Saying", "T-Shirt", and/or "Doodle & Artwork" Contests. ENTER ALL!

    E Power Concert Facebook Contest - CLICK

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    E Power Doodle & Colouring Book 

    Looking for Artists! 

    Enter Your Artwork Drawings & Doodles - BE CREATIVE!

    Colouring books are no longer an activity limited to children, as adults are choosing to grab their crayons and get creative as a meditation technique.

    There are a few reasons. When you can just focus on colouring, a single colour at a time, working on a single image, it helps to bring your mind into the here and now. And when we can focus more clearly on the present, life becomes so much more manageable.

    Also a great reasosn to doodle and colour are to de-stress while unplugging from technology. It makes us all kinder. The benefits of kindness are undeniable. When we are kind to others, not only do they get to have a bit more kindness in their day, but the person being kind also gets to experience a moment of spreading positivity.


    E Power Doodle & Artwork Contest 

    20 WINNERS - Doodles & Artwork Submit Black & White Only!

    Enter this contest to show off your creative side. Another reason is to just be a kid, or be like a kid. Encourage yourself and your child to both do this project and talk about the E Power words. Emotions & Effects, like Esteem, Empathy, Empower, Entertain, Energized & Enlightened. Any adult submission and student submissions are all welcome, because this contest is for all ages. Many people associate artwork and colouring with being a child, may take you back to simple days. With age comes responsibility and often many forms of stress, by being involved in activity from our childhood it can be a powerful way to get back to our youthful and, hopefully a care free feelings. There is no pressure to fill a blank page.


    Have fun, be creative, send us submissions so we can make this Book for everyone to enjoy!